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About us

BIVROST is a technology design company for (VR) video industry. The company develops projects in the fields of (VR) live streaming and cinematic video production. By conducting numerous R&D activities BIVROST provides know-how and technology solutions to a professional video market. With the support of the leading tech partners, like Intel, Microsoft or Pixelink, the company is working on new global standards in hardware and software technology.

In Norse mythology, Bivröst is a bridge connecting Asgard, the realm of the gods, with the nine worlds of mortals. In modern life, VR and 360 video technology may be seen as a way to help people achieve their goals and dreams.

Fields of activities

With the expansion of the VR and 360 video market in mind, BIVROST is in a constant pursuit of innovation by developing projects like stitching and video processing devices, multiple camera rigging systems, VR video rendering engines with analytics tools and *duino camera controllers. Being among only a few others companies who are working on VR streaming, BIVROST plays an important role transforming the way the media are perceived and consumed by the users. In 2017 BIVROST took a part in charity project: WOŚP – broadcasting a livestream in the 360 format from the Grand Final that lasted 14 hours. BIVROST technology was presented at the biggest tech-oriented events around the world: TechCrunch Disrupt, CES, CEBIT, COMPUTEX, VR Days Europe, VR World Congress, START Summit and more. The company has the 360 video experience in the fields of sports events (Men’s EHF Euro), medicine (surgery sessions), entertainment (360 music video) and advertising (360 ads for Samsung).

More about BIVROST’s activities you can find on a Services page.

VR Communities

BIVROST believes that only the cooperation and openness of people can add new value to the market. As a member of the OSVR consortium, BIVROST shares its knowledge and research with startups, freelancers and VR video creators to help them boost their own projects. Some of them, like VR players or rigging systems, are open-source for personal use.


The company is being led by professional and experienced innovators that are developing the 360 video ecosystem. BIVROST consist of a close-knit team with a global purpose – to deliver new technological solutions to the market. To make it real, we have decided to unite the forces of electronical mindsets and IT specialists. Our engineering team is highly experienced in the various fields of technology, like AR/VR software development, hardware design, production engineering, software development with the background in the new technology industry, 360° video content creation, product design and construction.

Tomasz Gawlik
Tomasz Gawlik
head of technology
Paweł Surgiel
Paweł Surgiel
Head of Bivrost
Alina Jaworska
Alina Jaworska
Head of business development