XR solutions for Industry

It is generally agreed that a client learns the most about a car during a test drive, mostly because some of the features are impossible to be present inside a store. It only gets more complicated when they try to recognize, understand and connect all the invisible parameters, we want them to pay for. Until now, there was no easy way of presenting the features of a product like aerodynamics, impact on the environment, heat emission, noise level or the advancement of materials, technology and assist systems. Each of those features significantly affects the quality of life of the user.

Why we did it?

We started the holoMotive project with the thought that some of those features are extremely difficult to explain, especially when doing everything to keep the presentation entertaining and trying to convince the client to make a purchase. Of course, there is a way to describe all of the parameters and features, but in most cases, it could be hard to understand or look like an inconsistent enumeration of numbers connected with them. The key problem we faced was how to talk to clients about the features that are of high importance to the functioning of a car and their comfort. Most of them do not pay attention to those attributes and systems while driving the vehicle or does not even know that some of the features exist in the car.

Intuitive solution

In the presentation of complex products, the help comes in a form of intuitive holographic technology. All one needs to do, to enrich the surrounding, is to put on an augmented reality headset to see the digital elements, multi-dimensional descriptions, 3D objects and visualisations. Each element of the car can be enhanced with a holographic description or an animated visualisation of the system, while an assistant, that is standing nearby, provides answers to all the questions of the client.

We believe in what we can touch and see. That is why due to the combination of real world and computer graphics the presented customer values become tangible. There is an innate curiosity in each one of us. We can use it to let the client explore understand and love your products. A simple holographic presentation can explain assist systems that can only be discovered while test driving, while some of the clients do not even notice that such a system exists. Parameters could be visualised on top of the car, creating better ways to understand them and recognise what are the true needs of a client.

What can we do for you?

There are two main ways we have decided to help companies promote their products using holographic technology:

Testing HoloMotive during Events

HoloMotive could be tested in the Event, Expo scenarios by presenting new features and models to attendees in an entertaining way. It is fairly common that interactive booths are more entertaining for the bystanders allowing them to reach higher numbers of visitors while attending an event.

Expanding your store with the use of holograms

The same technology can be also used inside the store. It could help your employees talk about and explain concepts systems and parameters to the client, who understands them with the use of interactive holograms and a commentary from a salesman who answers all questions.

What’s in it for you?

This technology is highly likely to bring a competitive advantage to a company that uses it to communicate with the client. The experience in a store or during the event will be more memorable, more entertaining and less difficult for the client to understand. It will vastly decrease the number of “empty” parameters and features of high importance that does not give the client any value because of their complexity or vague explanation.

If you want to expand your portfolio with the power of holograms and holographic visualisations, contact us at: contact@bivrost.pro