Research & Development Live VR programs

Research and development projects in the field of LIVE VR streaming have always been extremely challenging for immersive media companies. The temptation of experiencing often inaccessible things with no limit and minimal effort was enormous not only for the users, but also for the whole industry.

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Immersive Media Development House

The 20th century was the age of sharing the information. 21st century brought to us a revolution by giving us the possibility of sharing the experiences. As a next generation technology design house, we operate at the intersection of XR - as a carrier of information and VR video - as a carrier of experiences.

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AI to boost image processing

Imagine a sports event broadcast system where computer vision boosted by AI can recognize and track players, count unusual situations or create automated video correction systems. The same system in medical applications can detect abnormalities invisible to the human eye or, used in security, can keep track of luggage or people, increasing safety and protection.

Meet The BIMP - BIVROST Immersive Media Processors

Designed for multi-camera systems and multi-purpose system integrations, built on the Intel Xeon architecture, boosted by Intel Movidius - neural networks accelerators, optimized for VR video, Industry 4.0, live video processors/streamers/mixers, meets the quality requirements of the industry as well as provides extremely high-bandwidth and performance for cameras.

BIVROST Immersive Media Processor (BIMP) - engineering sample
  • Intel Xeon architecture

    Powered by Intel Xeon or Intel Core i7 (7th generation) CPUs as COM-express modules. Provides hardware h.264 and HEVC encoding/decoding, unified GPU/CPU memory architecture (UMA), high bandwidth DDR4 ECC memory

  • 60Gbit I/O capacity

    Designed as a multi-camera processing unit, able to support up to 6 video sources (up to 4K resolution each) connected by USB 3.1 gen 2

  • System integration

    Designed to ensure long uptime capacity (server standards), Contains double power DC system (ATX or external 19V), 8x GPIO/PWM, 2x UART, pinout: USB, audio, 5V/12V power, LVDS embedded displays extensions.

  • AI powered

    Equipped with Intel Movidius dual Myriad 2 VPU 2450 as M.2 extension card support to boost image processing, object recognition and colour correction capabilities.

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Engineers at your service!

A team of experienced engineers, developers and designers, ready to take on your idea and forge it into real projects or products. With deep understanding of the XR (AR/VR/MR) media wave our team tackles all software and hardware challenges related to new forms of reality by bringing digital objects into the physical world and bringing physical world objects into the digital world.

  • Microsoft Hololens apps

    In our projects we use the power of holograms to change product storytelling at any expo, public presentation or point of sales. With Microsoft Hololens it’s easy to let your client experience what cannot be told or to explain every, even the most advanced and incredible, feature.  Because people believe in what they can see.

    BIVROST hololens apps
  • Virtual Reality live events

    Experience it, if you can not participate! That’s the value proposition for any form of live streaming into virtual reality. With our help, handling events and transferring them to the world of virtual reality is fabulously simple. We rent equipment, create infrastructure, and provide software.

  • Planetarium fulldome tools

    Whoever participated in a screening in a planetarium understands the magic of that place. To help the creators of full-dome content, we design a software that supports the production of spherical slideshows by positioning the elements in the 3D space and a software gathering viewers' attention data in the form of a heatmap.

Media technologies on demand

As a technology design company for (VR) video industry, BIVROST develops projects in the fields of live (VR) streaming and cinematic video production. By conducting numerous R&D activities BIVROST provides know-how and technology solutions to professional video market, like the open-source 360° camera, stitching and video processing devices, multiple camera rigging systems, VR video rendering engines with analytics tools and open-source camera controllers. These are the areas, where we can help you solve your technical problems.
Streaming technologies

As system integrator we make professional broadcast more affordable by designing well-matched hardware / software / infrastructure that meets any expectations.

(VR) Cameras and rigs

As camera designers we can boost your projects with our 4-year experience with fisheye lenses, global shutter sensors, genlocking, 10-bit colour processing.

Image processing software

As software developers we operate with Intel Media SDK, DirectX, HLSL, C++ AMP, AVX technologies and deep understanging of highly efficient multimedia systems.

Camera remote controlling

We know how to control multiple cameras simultaneously and from distance. Get to know our ESP-based project for camera controlling and custom product design options.

(VR) Video Playback

We can help you display spherical video using a VR headset, create fulldome planetarium projections, start a mobile device video playback and receive feedback in form of a heatmap.


Discover the history of our projects and the problems we solve every day. Image processing stopped being a scientific domain and became a part of our highly-digital reality. That is why we are introducing a wide variety of case studies: from medicine, through various industries, to entertainment; to (hopefully) inspire and encourage discussion and joint projects.