Lite5 - 5 inch / mini-STX professional motherboards

Introducing the first Intel® Core™ powered 5-inch mini-STX industry platform with up to 8-cores and 96GB RAM providing uncompromised performance for AI, machine vision, edge computing and Industry 4.0 applications. Designed to unleash the full potential of I/O capabilities through multiple M.2 connectors and high-bandwidth independent USB hubs. Engineered to provide unified memory architecture and system integration flexibility.

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A breakthrough enterprise IoT / edge computing mini-STX platform

BIVROST® Lite5 Platform is a high-performance small form factor computing unit designed for high demands purposes. It comes by default with Intel i7-8850H (6 cores / 12 threads, 2.6Ghz - 4.3GHz, 9MB cache, 45W TDP) CPUs and 16GB DDR4 dual-channel memory. The versatile design of these boards with low power consumption and extreme input/output capability makes them perfect for a wide variety of top industry applications in the embedded space such a machine vision based production control, quick access network data storage, image and video live analytics, unmanned mining vehicles control.

  • I/O bandwidth beyond the standard

  • Versatility through connectability

COM Express Type 6

COM Express is an industry standard to split key features of CPU environment and connectivity into two physically divided
layers. As a benefit comes to size reduction, ease of migration to the
next generations of Intel CPUs and higher resistance to damage. Lite5
mainboard uses COM Express type-6 connector and Intel SOM modules of 8th
gen CPU (or higher).

M.2 sockets (x5)

You can expand the Lite5 Platform with 5 additional M.2 devices. The M.2 2280/2260 ports are wired with 4 PCI Express 3.0 lanes each. Every port connected directly to CPU to maximize bandwidth, stability with minimal latency can be populated with NVMe SSDs, AI accelerators or other devices. The 2240 M.2 provides support for SATA SSD and 2230 M.2 is designed to handle WiFi and BLE cards for wireless connectivity.

Intel CPU / GPU

Thanks to integrated GPU and Unified Memory Architecture up to 48GB of memory can be allocated to GPU*.
Leveraging Zero Copy paradigm with the addition of hardware video encoders and decoders results in a massive efficiency increase in media or big data processing. Both CPU and GPU can be utilized at the same time for best performance.

4x USB 3.2 10Gbit bandwidth

Unlike consumer or mobile solutions, the BIVROST® Lite5 incorporates dedicated two dual USB 3.2 root hubs for ultra-fast external devices like SSD drives or video capture cards. All the dedicated ports were fined tuned by ASMedia to provide full 10Gbit bandwidth without sharing resources with M.2 ports or other devices.

Up to 96GB RAM / 8 cores

BIVROST® Lite5 Platform is
capable of handling up to 96GB of DDR4 memory for heavy workloads. Coupled with
4, 6 or even 8 cores CPUs* with low 45W TDP may be used as ultra-compact workstation or data processing server. The advanced thermal design prevents
performance degradation in time eliminating thermal throttling.

Embedded integration

Lite5 Platform is ready for embedded or standalone operation. Multiple onboard features like GPIO, internal LVDS output, SATA ports, internal USB headers, UART ports give opportunities to integrate your system on the lowest level.
Flexible power delivery system accepts both: 19V externally and 12V internal ATX power input.

Intel® - Head technology Partner

BIVROST Lite5 Platform supports the Intel® Core™ CPUs of the embedded line (Xeon / i7 / i5) in the Coffee Lake generation. Full list of CPUs you can find here. Some key features that we love are: up to 8-cores, UHD graphics, HDMI 2.0, 16 PCI-express 3.0 lanes, 2-channel DDR4 memory, PCH I/O for USB 3.1 Gen 2 (multiple 10 Gb/s bandwidths) and extensions list: MMX, AES-NI, CLMUL, FMA3, RDRAND, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3, SSE4, SSE4.1, SSE4.2, AVX, AVX2, TXT, TSX, SGX, VT-x, VT-d.

Advantech - head manufacturing partner

Advantech - a global leader in the production of electronic components for industry, is responsible for the manufacturing of the BIVROST Lite5 platform. What we wanted to achieve is a long-term guarantee of product life and availability. Using the embedded line of Intel CPUs, we can hand on component maintenance and accessibility in the distant future.

Industry 4.0 applications

BIVROST® Lite5 Platform is designed and manufactured based on industry leading Advantech production lines. It meets the requirements of 24/7 service as any other industrial computer unit. Thermal design and industrial grade components guarantee long product lifespan.

  • No cloud computing to keep your data safe

    Edge computing is a data confidentiality computing paradigm that brings data computation and data storage locally and closer to the sources of data. This is expected to improve response times and keep your data away from external / third party service providers (like *Cloud).

  • Up to 3x M.2 neural network accelerators

    Three full-size M.2 ports give
    option to install six AI inference accelerators based on Intel Movidius chips (or other) to enhance machine learning capabilities and offload GPU and CPU giving more headroom for video processing or image recognition.

  • Form factor & system integration capabilities

    A 5 inch = mini-STX = 147×140 mm body. Designed to ensure long uptime capacity (server standards), contains double power DC system (ATX or external 19V), 8x GPIO/PWM, 2x UART, pinout: USB, audio, 12V/19V power, LVDS embedded displays extensions.

  • Industrial cameras friendly

    Support of multi-camera processing, up to 6 video sources with dedicated 4x USB 3.2 10Gbit bandwidth. Overall sustained bandwidth up to 32Gbit/s guaranteed speeds Hardware h.264 and HEVC encoding/decoding, unified GPU/CPU memory architecture (UMA), high bandwidth DDR4 ECC memory.

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"White-label" and other co-op forms

Developer? System integrator? We welcome various forms of cooperation. If you work as: a system integrator, IoT designer, embedded systems developer, AI programmer - let's talk!
If you want to produce this mini-STX mainboard under your brand - yes, it is possible. Mail us or schedule a call to get more information!

Discover some use cases and write your own one

There is no better way to unleash the inner power of BIVROST® Lite5 mini-STX platform than release it to creators, engineers and system integrators. Be quicker than your competition to order or share your idea with us, impress us, and apply to get your development sample.

  • Image processing: multi-camera setups

    The biggest challenge of stereoscopic imaging is the synchronization of both image sources and simultaneous processing to display with (near to) zero delay.

    It is possible thanks to: unified memory architecture - for rapid processing, hi-speed USB - for parallel and independent image capture, M.2 sockets for extra fast NVME storage.

  • Machine vision: production lines quality monitoring

    Highly fast products quality monitoring on conveyor belts is possible through the simultaneous image reading and analysis from multi camera gates.

    To analyze 120 shots per second, we use 4x USB 3.1 gen 2 interfaced cameras with a bandwidth of 24 Gbit/s and 2x dual neural network accelerators embedded in M2 slots.

  • System integration: medical pods

    When telemedicine grows, building next - gen diagnostic capsules requires a reliability, connectability for wide range of sensors and audio - video features combined.

    To ensure this, Lite5 provides I/O options: LVDS (for industrial displays), UART / GPIO / I2C / USB (for sensor connectability), 2x LAN + WiFi 5 (for multiplicated Internet connection).

  • Video processing: crisis management hubs

    When establishing remote management center as point-to-point connection, we must always take care of: connection quality, connection security, multiple records of everything.

    Lite5 enables recording on up to six fast storage devices: 3x M.2 NVME full speed, 2x SATA, 1x SATA M2. Intel i7-based, fully tested SRT and NDI 5 protocols is supported.