Live VR Streaming Research – brand-new immersive experience


Smart Growth Operational Program 2014-2020

Measure 1.1: R&D Projects of Enterprises

Sub-measure: Industrial research and development works conducted by enterprises

Name of beneficiary: BIVROST Sp. z o.o.

Project title: ‘Development of a multi-camera system that capture and process stereoscopic video dedicated for virtual reality with multi-channel streaming architecture.’

Abstract: The main goal of the project is the development of a multi-camera system for capturing and processing semi-spherical stereoscopic video with multi-channel streaming architecture. As a result of R&D works, several innovative products will be created: a camera rig for semi-spherical stereoscopic video format, a real-time image processing software for stereoscopic video, a computer unit for processing and compressing stereoscopic video streaming and a streaming system based on cloud computing technology.

Total value of the project: 5 628 964,25 PLN

Value of the subsidy: 4 270 252,25 PLN

Period for the project: 2018-2021

The project is granted by European Union and financed from European Regional Development Fund under the Smart Growth Program. The project is implemented as a part of ‘Szybka Ścieżka’ competition organized by The National Centre of Research and Development.



Live streaming into VR ecosystem needs to get a second breath. First of all because of the audience disappointed in the image quality. Secondly, we are in need of more powerful hardware in a smaller form factor, smarter image processing software and easier ways to direct and manage the whole process of streaming. If you want to organize live streaming from the big event with the use of several VR camera points, simultaneous streams, advertising overlays on screen and video replays, it is a time-consuming and cost-intensive operation. That’s why BIVROST supported by The National Centre of Research and Development, started the R&D project to create the complete system for stereoscopic video streaming in VR.

Live streaming technology designed by BIVROST intends to simplify video capture and processing tasks. BIVROST Live VR Streaming System will be an end-to-end solution dedicated to 180-degree streaming in VR – from capturing the image (4K multi-camera system), through stitching and image processing (computer unit with stitching software), management (streaming/mixing software) to a multi-channel stream architecture. No system, currently available on the market, covers the whole process of VR live streaming.

Key advantages that will be fulfilled in this project:

  • Complete solution for 180° live streaming
  • 4K camera rig, 12 f-stops, bitrate up to 100 Mbps, 30 fps, global shutter
  • The small form factor of computer unit (180x145x80mm)
  • Image processing unit ready for AI
  • Easy integration to professional workflow
  • Compatible with 180/360 video platforms
  • May be used as a streaming structure for traditional video streaming (by television stations)
  • System ready to use with other 180 video cameras
  • Multi-camera streaming management
  • The possibility of color grading
  • Global video synchronization
  • The capability of adding graphics overlays


180-degree multi-camera system with an attached stitcher unit that acts like a single camera point with onboard stitching that streams semispherical video to video mixer units (also based on stitcher units) through Ethernet connection. Thanks to synchronized global shutter sensors within and between cameras video mixing, transitions and scene stitching require less processing power and reduce the delay from capture to broadcast. All cameras can be controlled and mixed from a single point of studio direction. Colour-correction can be applied on stitching level with s-log support and/or mixing stage. Post-processing effects and scene transitions are available on a mixer level. The final image can be streamed to supported network sinks or be integrated with existing studio hardware with HDMI output.

Live VR video streaming will revolutionize the way we consume media (television, movies, sports events, news and entertainment). It allows users to feel the real-time magic of being in the centre of the action. Technology gives them a chance to experience something that is beyond their reach, because of money, location or body disabilities. Live 180° streaming from the most important sport, social, music and educational events, will allow the audience to experience them by immersion, rather than resorting to passive consumption. It is extremely useful for the students of medicine to effectively participate in virtual surgeries and medical procedures. Thanks to 180-degree projection the system is perfect to use not only in VR but also in planetariums. It creates an opportunity to extend full domes services by the live streaming from different events.