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Open source GoPro / Xiaoyi camera rig for 360 video

BIVROST camera rig 360 video Yi

Build your own camera rig with our schematics and start a 360 video adventure! The designs of our rig are open-source and available to all 360 video creators for free. With BIVROST AX6 you are able to shoot spherical videos by using action cameras like GoPro or Yi. Find out how our camera systems are different from other rigs and what can you achieve using  BIVROST schematics.

AR / VR as disruptive technologies for medicine

BIVROST VR medicine training

Have you ever wondered how VR/AR technology impacts the medical industry? Immersive technology elevates medical education to a new level where students can effectively participate in virtual surgeries and medical procedures. BIVROST creates a set of tools to change the medical industry by sharing knowledge "through experience" - the most effective way.

360/VR/fulldome video players for Windows

360/VR/fulldome video players for Windows

Are you looking for the simplest way to deploy your 360 content and measure the engagement of the audience? With BIVROST 360Players for desktops and web, it takes less than 5 minutes. These players will help you experience spherical content with the highest performance of projection and analyze attention by generating 360 heatmaps. Check out our software and get it for free!

Image Processing - VR, Industry 4.0 and more


Along with the progress of the video market, the quality, resolution and sensitivity requirements are increasing. By understanding industry trends, BIVROST engineering team has set the goal of providing next-gen image processing systems, that can be used to build custom video solutions even for volumetric video creations. Accelerated by AI technology the system brings new factor to live streaming and vision systems.

Multiple Action Camera Controller - Project based on ESP32

BIVROST camera controller

To wirelessly control cameras in your rig you need a camera remote that allows you to start and stop recording simultaneously. BIVROST Open Multi-Camera Controller is a free solution that can solve this problem immediately! By using one single device you are able to globally control settings of your cameras.

Live VR Streaming Research – brand-new immersive experience

Live VR Streaming Research – brand-new immersive experience

Better quality, smarter image processing and lower power consumption in a  smaller form factor. BIVROST, supported by the National Centre of Research and Development, is working on an end-to-end solution for live VR streaming that simplifies video capture and processing tasks. The system is designed not only for VR but also for planetariums’ full domes.

XR solutions for Industry

BIVROST holoMotive AR app

Until now, there was no easy way of presenting the features of a product like aerodynamics, impact on the environment or heat emission. Thanks to XR technologies, we have the tools to describe and explore all of the product’s features. BIVROST holoMotive project helps you present invisible parameters for your clients and explain difficult functions.