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SERVICES: R&D on demand

Innovations need smart workspaces. BIVROST R&D Center is designed to run high-tech projects using the advanced and professional equipment. By having access to CNC centers, 3D printers, electronic lab, assembly areas and photo studio we can design and prototype the most innovative products on the market. BIVROST engineering team has extensive experience in the fields of AR/VR software development, hardware design and prototyping, production engineering, image processing, software development with a background in a new technology industry, 360° video content creation, product design and construction. Thanks to cooperation with Intel, Aaeon and Pixelink companies we bring projects to life delivering unique technological solutions to the video production market.

VR / AR / MR software development

We provide an innovative app based on XR technologies dedicated for HoloLens, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, mobile VR goggles and 360 video platforms.

Hardware design

From conceptual analysis to prototyping. Our team is ready to design and create hardware in the fields of video production, VR video, 180/360 live streaming, image processing and more!

Hardware integration

Don’t worry about VR hardware integration to your current video workflow. We are here to support you in your video projects.

  • Integration with video systems in concert halls, stadiums, conference facilities and full domes
  • TV media streaming integration to existing studio hardware
  • OB Van installation
  • Adapting video hardware and combining it with security and defense industry’s specifications
  • Customization for medicine criteria

Camera controllers

Give your customers an easy way to manage cameras through a single device. We have extensive experience in microcontrollers programming and multi-camera management.