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BIVROST camera controller

Multiple Action Camera Controller - Project based on ESP32

Gain control over your cameras

Whether you wish to simultaneously start the cameras in your 360 rig or set up several cameras remotely, you can do that without touching them one by one. BIVROST Open Multi-Camera Controller is a prototyping board designed to control GoPro HERO, YI, Blackmagic, Sony A7S II cameras and more! Imagine that by using one single device you are able to start/stop all of your cameras at the same time and control their settings globally.


  • Control all the settings of your camera,
  • Connect with your cameras wirelessly or with the cable,
  • Start/Stop recording in up to 7 cameras simultaneously,
  • Built-in battery – don’t worry about power cords,
  • Monochromatic screen – see the settings directly from your device,
  • Mobile app to remotely control the cameras,
  • Portable – you can put it in your pocket.

How does it work?

We created a solution based on four modules responsible for separate operations, that together create a controller board. Below you can see what every single module is responsible for

DISPLAY – Allows you to control the settings in the cameras

CPU I/O – Connects with your camera through WiFi/Bluetooth or with your PC     

CONNECTORS – Allows you to directly plug-in your camera to gain control

Battery – Use it wherever you want, do not worry about power cords


Open Multi-Camera Controller operates with up to 7 wirelessly connected cameras. You can gain control over the whole 360 camera rig or several separately working cameras. The main issue when working with multiple cameras, from the customer’s point of view, is starting the recording on all of them simultaneously. BIVROST Open Multi-Camera Controller is a solution that can solve this problem immediately. Thanks to this device you are able to start and stop the recording immediately without the need of correcting every single delay, caused by doing it on each camera separately, in post-production processes.

If you tried changing the camera set up in 360 rigs, you know how hard and time-consuming it can get. With the Open Multi-Camera Controller, you can forget about taking the cameras out of the rig. Thanks to that, the position of the cameras in the rig remains unchanged. Think how convenient that can be!

On an OLED screen, you can globally control all of the settings of your camera, such as ISO, format or resolution. What’s more, it is possible to change the same settings in all of the controlled cameras using the Open Multi-Camera Mobile Application that is cooperating with the camera controller.

Open Multi-Camera Controller supports:

  • GoPro HERO5 Black, HERO6 Black
  • YI 4K/4K+
  • Blackmagic Micro Cinema and Micro Studio
  • Sony A7S II (only shutter release).

To learn more about the Open Multi-Camera Controller - join BIVROST on GitHub and gain access to tech sheets and documentation for free. The content of BIVROST GitHub is free for non-commercial use only.

Check out BIVROST GitHub

You can also purchase a commercial license and use our prototyping board to quickly design your own product. You will be provided with complete core sources and a dev board.

To apply for the OEM license contact us at: contact@bivrost.pro